1. AIA / Washington DC Chapter, 1987 Design Awards for Excellence in Architecture Thadani/Schum Residence
2. Metropolitan Home Magazine 1987 Design Awards, Home of the Year, Honorable Mention, Thadani/Schum Residence
3. 2003 Vision Award, The Committee of 100 on the Federal City Westminster Street Playground, Cardoza-Shaw Neighborhood, Washington DC
4. CNU 2004 Charter Award Lexington Kentucky College Town Master Plan
5. AIA / Baltimore Maryland Chapter, 2005 Design Awards for Excellence in Architecture Beall’s Hill Georgia Redevelopment Plan
6. Jimmy Carter Center Award Beall’s Hill Georgia Redevelopment Plan
7. CNU 2007 Charter Award Long Beach Mississippi Redevelopment Plan
8. AIA / Baltimore Maryland Chapter, 2007 Design Awards for Excellence in Architecture Vedanta University, Orissa, India
9. CNU 2008 Charter Award Vedanta University, Orissa, India
10. Gerd Albers Book Award 2011 (ISOCARP), The Language of Towns & Cities: A Visual Dictionary
11. Gerd Albers Book Award 2015 (ISOCARP) Visions of Seaside: Foundations / Evolution / Imagination / Built & Unbuilt Architecture
12. ISOCARP 2015 Design Award for Excellence Luhe, China, Master Plan for the Core of a New City for a Million Inhabitants
13. CNU 2016 Charter Award Luhe, China, Master Plan
14. CNU 2018 Charter Award Westside Atlanta Master Plan
15. CNU 2020 Charter Award Completion of the Lyceum Block at Seaside, Florida
16. Gerd Albers Book Award 2021 (ISOCARP) Reflections on Seaside: Muses / Ideas / Influence / New & Future Projects.
17. CNU 2022 Charter Award 40-year Update of the Public Realm at Seaside, Florida

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I have served on several design award juries during my professional career, including the National Endowment for the Arts, AIA, CNU Charter Awards, and ISOCARP.


1. Knight-Ridder Foundation, Miami, Florida, 2001 Community Builder
2. Guatemala City 2010 The Key to Guatemala City recipient Dhiru Thadani
3. Escape 2 Create, Seaside, Florida, 2011 Artist-in-Residence
4. Seaside Institute, Seaside, Florida, 2011 Seaside Prize, Recipient
5. Congress for the New Urbanism, Washington DC, 2015 Elected to the College of Fellows
6. International Society of City & Regional Planners, The Hague, Netherlands, 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award